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(12) New Arts II

666 Users makes the new ANIMOS very happy!

After the last eventful weeks, we take a little breather, and were predominantly active only on the creative and media sectors. We continued our commenced European Film-Festival-Days with specialties from the countries, started in December. So there we realized the requests of children and prepared a Danske Aften with “smøre Brød, marmelader med hindbær og solbær”, as well as a Česky večer with “Tradiční Lázeňské ořiškové oplatky”, and once again a Jour Français with Raclette & Baguette.

In the creative areas of art and painting the Hungarian 13 years old street children once more surprised us in particular, with a new flow of great portraits about me, that show me in very many new activities and different actions that we perform regularly. The ANIMO is really proud of the new cartoons, and like them much better in color than just black and white in our Local News. The cross-national project with our Hungarian partner club contributes more colorful and worth seeing fruits.

In addition to the new ANIMOS, there were also new and very huge visitations of 666 users on our homepage. For this reason, the ANIMO would like to thank especially the following individuals, groups, organizations and cultural institutions for the great recognition, appreciation and support its work. These are the children’s book author Mrs. Barbara van den Speulhof and Mrs. Constance Keller of Leseweis, all employees of the Mannheim City Library, Mrs. Gerburg Maria Müller of the Culture Project WE-Mannheim, the Théâtre Suresnes Jean Vilar from Luxembourg and their employee Mrs. Manon Meier, Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Dallmann of the University of Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Mr. Péter Győri, director of ANIMUS KLUB in Budapest, as well as the street-kids Laszló, Ferenc and András, Mrs. Sofia Samoilova the staff member of the Open Channel Ludwigshafen, Mrs. Wehinger and Mr. Wägerle of the management of the Mercedes-Benz-Museum in Stuttgart, the first police chief inspector Mr. Rainer Müller of Bruchsal police, Eric Bazilian, Rob Hyman, John Lilly and David Uosikkinen of the HOOTERS, Ray Wilson and his personal assistant Iwona Subotkowska, Mr. Volkmar Mantei of Ragazzi Music, Mrs. Margit Gehrisch of the musical theater Rex in Bensheim, as well as the exceptional TRANSATLANTIC musicians and instrumental virtuosos Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy , Roine Stolt, Pete Trewavas and their great tour manager Randy George and last but not least, of course, the now more than 3,000 visitors of our homepage.


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